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Welcome to Aequitas Infotech Pvt Ltd (AIPL) 

Shaping the Future of Information Technology for 15 Years!

At Aequitas Infotech Pvt Ltd (AIPL), we take pride in our 15-year journey as a prominent player in the Information Technology sector, providing innovative solutions globally. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our diversified portfolio, where we have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge products tailored to meet the dynamic needs of various industries.

Our Products:

  1. CA Office Automation (CAOA): CAOA stands as a flagship ERP product, setting benchmarks for accounting service provider companies worldwide. Renowned for its efficiency, CAOA has emerged as a leader in its segment with the highest user base globally. Visit Website – www.caofficeautomation.com


  1. e-Care in Hospital Management: With a focus on advancing healthcare management, our e-Care solution addresses the complexities of Hospital Management, ensuring seamless operations and improved patient care. Visit Website – www.ecarehms.com


  1. Edutech - School & University Management: Our Edutech platform is a comprehensive solution for School and University management. Packed with extensive functionality and the latest features, Edutech streamlines educational institutions' operations for enhanced efficiency. Visit Website – www.edutechsystem.com


  1. SmartCRM: SmartCRM is a feature-rich Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed to empower businesses. Its advanced capabilities provide organizations with the tools they need to build and maintain strong customer relationships. Visit website – www.smartcrmonline.com


  1. DocAI - Document Management with AI Chatbot: DocAI is our innovative Document Management System, equipped with AI Chatbot and image creation capabilities. It revolutionizes document creation and management processes, offering hierarchical and versioning management for enhanced efficiency.

Our Expertise:

In addition to our product offerings, we excel in various domains, including:

  • Custom Software Management: Tailoring solutions to meet unique business requirements.
  • Research-Based Work: Engaging in cutting-edge research to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.
  • Chatbot Creation: Developing intelligent chatbots to enhance customer interactions.
  • Large Language Model Development: Pioneering advancements in language models to drive innovation in communication.

Our Vision:

As we continue to evolve, our vision is to be at the forefront of technological innovation, creating solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. We are dedicated to providing reliable, scalable, and future-ready IT solutions, contributing to the success of businesses worldwide.

Thank you for choosing Aequitas Infotech Pvt Ltd (AIPL) as your trusted partner in the journey towards digital transformation.

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